Teaching the Teacher: Using a Club-Focused Approach to Golf Instruction

thitchcock Education

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March 12-13 at Red Hawk GC

Club-focused instruction suggests golfers direct their attention to the intended movements of the club and allow the subconscious to direct the muscles accordingly. This process is the same one that we use when performing any tool-based activities (i.e. using a hammer, shovel, scissors, cell phone, etc.). We focus on what we want the tool to do and are oblivious to the body movements.

University researchers, Dr. Gabriel Wulf of UNLV and Dr. Bob Christina of UNC are finding that golfers of all skill levels improve faster and retain information longer when the instructions that golfers receive are based on the intended movement of the golf club. They call it having an external focus of attention.

Ernest Jones and Manuel de la Torre, both of whom are hall of fame instructors, used club-focused instruction for 100 years. Ed LeBeau of Heartland Golf Schools brings us his 20 years of experience learning from Manuel de la Torre. He is an outstanding educator and has received top marks from the sessions he has conducted in conjunction with New Mexico State University for PGA Golf Management students, PGA members and PGA apprentices. Henry Stetina of the NMSU PGA Golf Management program said, “I’ve attended dozens of seminars taught by highly ranked instructors and I haven’t experienced anything as complete as the content that Ed presents in this workshop. I assure you this will be one of your favorite continuing education experiences.”

The workshop will be conducted March 12-13; 9:00am – 4:00pm at Red Hawk Golf Club in Las Cruces. The cost is $225 for first time attendees and $100 for returners. First time attendees will also receive a copy of Fundamental Golf Instruction, a club-focused instructional manual authored by Ed LeBeau. For more information or to register, contact Henry Stetina at hstetina@nmsu.edu or 505-699-4744.

To optimize your experience we limit enrollment to 10 professionals.

Payment is due upon registration.