Southern Pros Team Up for Golf Marathon

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On July 23, 2018, Pat Gavin (102 holes), Josh Salmon (108 holes) Henry Stetina (100 holes), Justin Dahrling (100 holes), Anthony Romero (102 holes), Vern Bane (100 holes), Kevin Keller (108 holes), and TJ McMullen (255 holes) participated in the Golf Marathon to raise money for junior golf in New Mexico, El Paso, and other well-deserving foundations. While the other seven participants started at 6:00 AM, TJ McMullen started at midnight and played until 4:30 PM. Now that is commitment! Job well done, TJ.

The temperatures reached a hot and humid 105 degrees but that did not stop them from completing their goal. A huge thank you goes out to Picacho Hills CC for opening their doors to these eight gentlemen. This day could not have been possible without their support. This group raised nearly $7,000 and would like to thank all of the donors who supported their efforts.

If anyone would like to participate/host a golf marathon at your facility, please do not hesitate to reach out to Golf Marathon Captain Josh Salmon to get a date set.

[Marathoners (from left to right) Justin Dahrling, Henry Stetina, Anthony Romero, Josh Salmon, Pat Gavin, Kevin Keller. Not pictured: Vern Bane and TJ McMullen.]